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WH.Bradford "Gazos Creek Rd. " Light touring frame


The "Gazos Creek rd. " Light touring frame .
Years ago it was discussed with a certain GF at the time that the light touring frame was the trifecta of all that is good in bicycling.
It took me years to realize she was onto something there , well today the light touring frame or CX bike with rack and fender mounts more or less has become quite popular .
To me this is still pretty hallowed ground and should be approached with nothing more than perfection on two wheels .
That's why it's taken me almost 10 years of frame building before I officially releases a "Light touring frame".

Well this is it the "Gazos Creek Rd. "
Not just a CX disk bike with rack and fender mounts , nor is it a road bike with extra tire clearance and new fangled disk brakes .

I named this bike the "Gazos Creek Rd. " after the the road just outside SantaCruz I spent most of my summer exploring .
This is a fire road bike , a light touring everyday bike the type of bike you go on long rides with and try to get lost on !
This is a bike you can take bike packing on a S24O with your buddies exploring gravel fire roads and the hard pavement push home .
It's the bike you want in the back of your sports car when you blow up your transmission 20 miles outside of town with no cell service and need to jam back for help .
It's the bike you can take for the 75 mile push down the coast solo when you just want to get away from it all .
That's the beauty of the light touring bike , it does it all and still looks for more !

Features of the "Gazos Creek "
Paragon low mount disk dropouts
Integrated head tube with Ritchey 45x45 headset and WCS fork with the IS 45 crown race molded into the carbon fork crown . This is just as still as a full tapered steerer tube we have found .
Full Stainless cable guides and dropout interface options .
PF-30 BB available with Praxis work BB and Turn cranks pre-installed .

Tube set - TrueTemper main tube with Columbus rear S bend stays .

* Please contact us about sizing and other options, we are happy to help design and build you the perfect frame . Delivery time for custom frames is usually 30-45 days from start of design process to end delivery .